2017 Candidate Profiles

Focus Springfield has created a series of short profiles of candidates standing for election in Springfield, MA. Click here to read the press release. You can view the candidate profiles below (sorted alphabetically by last name). Don’t forget to vote in the preliminary election on September 19 and the general election on November 7!

If you’re having issues with a video loading, try refreshing your browser, or click here to watch the videos on our YouTube page. Focus Springfield can be contacted at info@focusspringfield.com or 413-241-7500 with questions or concerns.

2017 Candidate Profiles

Tim Allen
City Council – Ward 7

James Anziano
School Committee – At-Large

Thomas Ashe
City Council – At-Large

Bob Collamore
City Council – Ward 6
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.

Christopher Collins
School Committee – District 3
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.

Lamar Cook
School Committee – At-Large
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.

Ernesto E. Cruz
City Council – At-Large

Victor G. Davila
City Council – At-Large

Kevin J. Dumpson
City Council – Ward 3

Melvin A. Edwards
City Council – Ward 3

Marilyn Felix
City Council – At-Large

Michael A. Fenton
City Council – Ward 2

James J. Ferrera III
School Committee – At-Large

Lorenzo D. Gaines
City Council – Ward 4

Matthias Galvin
City Council – Ward 4

Kency Gilet
City Council – Ward 2

Adam Gomez
City Council – Ward 1

Ivelisse Gonzalez
City Council – Ward 2

Joesiah Gonzalez
School Committee – At-Large

Zaida Govan
School Committee – District 4

Barbara Gresham
School Committee – District 2
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.

Ryan Hess
School Committee – At-Large

Denise M. Hurst
School Committee – At-Large

Justin J. Hurst
City Council – At-Large

Robert J. Kelly
City Council – Ward 4

Michael D. Kocsmiersky
School Committee – At-Large

Larry Lawson
City Council – Ward 4
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.

Jesse Lederman
City Council – At-Large

Jynai S. McDonald
City Council – At-Large

Kelvin Molina
City Council At-Large

LaTonia Monroe Naylor
School Committee – At-Large

Kelli Moriarty-Finn
City Council – At-Large

Stephanie Murchison-Brown
School Committee – District 2

Peter Murphy
School Committee – District 4

Maria Perez
School Committee – District 1
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.

Candejah Pink
City Council – Ward 4

Orlando Ramos
City Council – Ward 8

Timothy Ryan
City Council – At-Large

Kenneth Shea
City Council – Ward 6

Willie J. Thomas
City Council – At-Large

E. Henry Twiggs
City Council – Ward 4

Giselle Vizcarrondo
School Committee – District 2

Kateri B. Walsh
City Council – At-Large

Trayce Whitfield
City Council – At-Large

Marcus Williams
City Council – Ward 5
This candidate has not completed a profile at this time.


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Springfield Technical Community College is a local leader in helping people prepare for careers in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These videos provide insight into how STCC is working to train those hoping to work in STEM fields, and building interest in those curious about STEM subjects.

Watch the videos below, or click here to be taken to our YouTube channel.

Career Pathways

In this feature, STCC President John B. Cook sits down with some STCC students & alumni to discuss what it’s like pursuing a degree in a STEM field. These young people come from a variety of backgrounds, but are all driven by the same force: the desire to understand and create. What can we do to get more kids interested in STEM fields? Watch below or click here.

STCC is a STEMinist Institution

In this feature, STCC Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Arlene Rodriguez interviews some of the staff at STCC about being women in STEM fields. Some topics that are covered include bias (gender and otherwise) in STEM fields, how these professionals got interested in STEM, and how we can get more young people (specifically women) interested in STEM fields. Watch below or click here.

Mechanical Engineering

Gain some insight into the Mechanical Engineering program at STCC. Watch below or click here.

Bridge Building Project

High school students gather at STCC to put their STEM skills to work building bridges. Watch below or click here.

These videos were produced by Focus Springfield Community TV in partnership with Springfield Technical Community College. For more information, please visit us online at focusspringfield.com or contact us at info@focusspringfield.com.


SPS Convocation 2017 [WATCH]

Watch the 2017 Springfield Public Schools Teacher Convocation below. The video will automatically begin playing once the event begins.

Click here to view the program for the event.

Alternatively, click here to watch the event.

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SPS Convocation logo 2017

Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival 2017 [WATCH]

The official recordings from the 2017 Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival are available at this page. Thank you so much for your continued support of music & the arts in Springfield.

With questions or concerns, please email bholland@focusspringfield.com.

2017 Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival
Artists appear in the order that they performed.

1. Jeremy Turgeon Quintet

2. Community Grooves

3. Zaccai Curtis & Insight

4. Sarah Elizabeth Charles & SCOPE

5. Miles Mosley

6. Lizz Wright

7. Darryl Moss & Friends

8. Rebirth Brass Band

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Springfield Jazz Festival Logo

Focus Presents @ Art Stop(s)!

Focus Springfield Community TV is proud to announce that we will be presenting a new video, titled “Acceptance Starts With You”, at the Springfield Central Cultural District’s Art Stop(s) event! Our piece will be located at 1441 Main Street on Wednesday, August 2 from 4:30p-6:00p. View event details here.

Acceptance Starts With You is a short theatrical piece filmed by Focus Springfield and created by Chestnut Middle School South Students with guidance from Enchanted Circle Theater Staff. Through multiple formats of communication, including spoken word, music, theatrics, and more, these students ask us all to find the best in ourselves and others and be accepting of those different from us.

We can accept and understand everyone in our lives, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, finances, family situation, or background. Make the positive choice – Acceptance Starts With You.

Read the artist statement here.

Watch the full video below, or click here.

Acceptance Starts With You!