A Long Trip

sportFocus Springfield has been working hard lately to improve the quality of our broadcasts. When most people think of television, they think of cameras and microphones; few people think of all the other controls, equipment, and software that go into a production. But, have you ever thought about what happens to a program once it’s complete and ready to air?!!!

For every program that is created down here at Focus, we have to upload a file for broadcast, transcode it multiple times into a format that your cable box can play, and send this new file all the way to Comcast’s home base in Chelmsford, MA. After that, this file is then sent from Chelmsford back to your TV.

At and between all these different points, there are dozens of connections. Today, we went through all these connection points with a Comcast video engineer and the independent contractor we work with in order to ensure we’re getting the best video and audio signal possible to the homes of our viewers. We found a couple trouble points and were able to increase the quality of future broadcasts. Television is always evolving and is eternally a work in progress, and we are doing our best to stay on the forefront of broadcast technology.