Springfield Technical Community College is a local leader in helping people prepare for careers in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These videos provide insight into how STCC is working to train those hoping to work in STEM fields, and building interest in those curious about STEM subjects.

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Career Pathways

In this feature, STCC President John B. Cook sits down with some STCC students & alumni to discuss what it’s like pursuing a degree in a STEM field. These young people come from a variety of backgrounds, but are all driven by the same force: the desire to understand and create. What can we do to get more kids interested in STEM fields? Watch below or click here.

STCC is a STEMinist Institution

In this feature, STCC Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Arlene Rodriguez interviews some of the staff at STCC about being women in STEM fields. Some topics that are covered include bias (gender and otherwise) in STEM fields, how these professionals got interested in STEM, and how we can get more young people (specifically women) interested in STEM fields. Watch below or click here.

Mechanical Engineering

Gain some insight into the Mechanical Engineering program at STCC. Watch below or click here.

Bridge Building Project

High school students gather at STCC to put their STEM skills to work building bridges. Watch below or click here.

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