The Parking Question

We’d like to apologize for the condition of parking downtown at the station. When we moved in a couple years back, it wasn’t great, but the casino construction has made it even tougher on all of us. As staff, we’ve found pretty good luck on Court Street outside City Hall (2-hour meters) and in a couple lots down on and around Union Street (you have to pay $3-5 at most of these, but you never have to refill a meter).

If you’re willing to hike a little bit further, you can always park all day for $.50 (!?) at a monitored lot located at 110 Maple Street. It’s about five blocks away, and takes a little over five minutes to walk. You need two quarters specifically to park here.

Again, we’re sorry about the parking hassle and wish there was something we could do. Have you found a better, cheaper, or more convenient parking place? Let us know so we can pass it along to the rest of our producers, volunteers, staff, and interns!